Vehicle Window Tinting

Solar Glass Technologies window-tints compliment the existing hue of glass to produce a richer, more distinctive appearance, dramatically enhancing the look of any type of vehicle. Whilst many of us tint our car windows for its aesthetic improvement there are many other advantages:

Reduces glare – cuts down dazzle from the sun and lights at night, therefore improving driver comfort

Reduces heat – keeps your vehicle cooler on sunny days and reduces the need for air conditioning

Protects passengers in the car from the uv rays

Privacy and protection – helps to prevent the shattering of glass in the event of an accident/impact, which can help minimise injuries.

Can be removed at a later date




Our most popular shades to choose from are light smoke, smoke and midnight but if you’d like to discuss which is the most suitable for you please contact one of our tint technicians.

Other shades of automotive films available are: Limousine – Blue – green – turquoise – bronze

Please also note that there is tinting legislation in place and it is important to make yourself aware of that.


Why choose Solar Glass Technologies?

We have 25 years experience in the tinting industry
Our technicians are highly skilled and professionally trained
We use only high quality window films
Our prices are competitive
Mobile service throughout Scotland for car dealerships

Choose Solar Glass Today! – our attention to detail and quality workmanship means that it is impossible to tell the difference between tinted windows and factory tinted glass.

Dealership Service

We service many car dealerships and offer a mobile window tinting service across Scotland.

We have a fully insured motor policy and we are covered to tint cars on your premises or a pick up and drop off service is available too.

Retail Customers

We can offer a pick up and drop off service or we are more than happy to drop you off in the local town centre if you bring your car into one of our branches at Ayr or Stirling on the type of car we would normally need approx 2-4 hours to tint the car, however if applying securglass we would need the car for a full day.