Vehicle Safety Glass

How to make your car safer

SecurGlass – The Invisible Barrier

SecurGlass is a simple and cost effective way of enhancing glass.

SecurGlass is a 300 micron thick laminte which is bonded to the inner face of the windows which strengthens the glass making it difficult to break through and keeping the glass together if shattered, this in turn protects individuals in the car.The prinicipal benefits are:

Side impact protection
Roll-over protection
Anti car jacking
Resistent to thieves

Dealership Service

We service many car dealerships and offer a mobile window tinting service across Scotland.

We have a fully insured motor policy and we are covered to tint cars on
your premises or a pick up and drop off service is available too

Retail Customers

We can offer a pick up and drop off service or we are more than happy to drop you off in the local town centre if you bring your car into one of our branches at Ayror Stirling. Depending on the type of car we would normally need approx 2-4 hours to tint the car, however if applying securglass we would need the car for a full day.

We pride ourselves on good workmanship and give you our commitment to a quality product and impeccable service.

Government Advice “Improve vehicle perimeter security [door locks and glazing].

That is the recommendation of the Government’s Vehicle Crime Reduction Action Team to help cut car crime. After all, 49% of thefts from vehicles are achieved by breaking vehicle windows, according to the
British Crime Survey. Solar Glass Technology will enhance your vehicle’s security by reinforcing its glazing and can be applied to existing as well as new vehicles.

Vehicle Safety – Side Impact Accidents are the most common cause of flying glass fragments.

– 30,000 car accidents per year are side impact collisions.

– 40% of multiple vehicle accidents are side impacts.

– Broken window glass is a major cause of eye and facial injury.

Today, car safety features include: – Seatbelts – Padded dashboards – Collapsible Steering Columns – Front/Side Airbags.

But what about the window glass, just inches from you and your passengers’ face and eyes?

Solar Glass Technology creates a safer environment in your vehicle. You are better protected from shards of glass.