Glass Manifestation

Glass manifestation film products are for upgrading glazing in accordance with Health and Safety recommendations which advocate the marking of large uninterrupted glazed areas.

Specifically, the /Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992, Regulation 14/ states that:

*Every window or other translucent surface in a wall or partition … door or gate shall, where necessary for reasons of health safety…be appropriately marked or incorporate features so as in either case to make it apparent.”*

*Manifestation Graphics provide a quick, easy and cost effective solution to legal requirements. Manifestation films can take the form of dots, squares, stripes etc or bespoke designs repeated at appropriate intervals and heights. The manifestation films range from coloured vinyls to frosted vinyls to sand blast effect vinyls.*

We have thelatest computer software and cutting facilities which allows us to offer you our custom design service for glass design. We can do the simplest of designs from your company logo to any bespoke design you have in mind.

Whilst you are meeting the regulations for glass marking you can also help raise your corporate image or brand awareness by using large panes of glass to display your company logo.

Our team of qualified technicians are on hand to help with all stages of the design process and to give advice on the best films to choose from for your business needs.

*Key Advantages of glass manifestation:*

* Cost effective way to meet glazing regulations
* Helps to make areas with large panes of glass more modern
* Helps to raise awareness of corporate branding
* Designs can be changed at a later date without having to change the glass
* Films give the appearance of sand blasted glass at a fraction of the cost
* Creates privacy in areas where there are large panes of glass whilst allowing maximum light transmission