Residential Window Tinting

Home window tinting solutions

Have you ever thought of applying window film to your home to protect your belongings, save you money and improve the appearance of your property?

Anti Fading

Carpets, wood flooring, furniture and works of art are all subject to fading. This process can be dramatically reduced by the installation of solar film. All solar films filter around 99% of harmful UV which is the main cause of fading, besides reducing incoming solar heat.

Our Anti Fade filter is available on all our tinted films combined with the added benefit of heat and glare reduction.

For those who would rather the protection without altering their veiwsor the look of their property why not take a look at Solarclear UV providing all the anti-fade protection in a clear finish.

Heat and Glare Reduction

If you have a home office or study it is likely that excessive glare or too much incoming solar heat has been a problem at some stage. Solarfilms can reflect up to 78% of the suns heat and reduce glare by as much as 86%. By making your working environment more comfortable, you will undoubtedly find your working time will be more effective and productive.


Many of us have expensive TV’s, computers and games consoles and in order to protect these from the prying eyes and burglars you can apply our safety film – SecurGlass.

How it works:

A 350micron thick laminte is bonded to the inner face of the windows which strengthens the glass making it difficult to break through and keeping the glass together if shattered, this in turn protectsindividuals in the home and deters burglars.

Why choose tinted SecurGlass:

Daytime vision into your home becomes much more difficult, thereforeincreasing privacy

glass holds together if shattered

entry into the home by burglars is more difficult as secure glasstoughens the existing windows

reduces heat and glare

improves the appearance of your home

reduces fading to furniture

SecurGlass is available in clear and four tinted shades. Phone one of our tint technincians for a competitive quote and to discuss which option fits your needs

Our Service:

Free estimates – we will come out to your home and measure up any job (provided it is local) Please ask one of our tint technicians if you can take advantage of this service. Or if you know the sizes of the windows, we can give you a quote over the phone – the same day guaranteed!

Solar glass prides itself on a quality service. Our skilled technicians are qualified to give you advice on what product is most suitable for your conservatory or home needs and we can send out samples of the
products to help you make the best decision.

Don’t delay call Solar Glass Tech today.